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Friday night quiz


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  • 2 weeks later...

I know it’s not Friday, but it is the day before match day, so…

Peterborough United

  1. Which team was voted out of the football league when Peterborough United was elected in?
  2. Which ex-player / ex-manager of Peterborough shares a name with an ex-player / ex-manager of Wednesday?
  3. Peterborough United was formed in 1934. Which year was their ground at London Road opened?
  4. After Peterborough United we’re elected to the football league, how many consecutive seasons did they spend in Division Three (South)?
  5. In 1976/77 & 1977/78 Peterborough United and Sheffield Wednesday took part in which pre-season competition? Who else also took part in both these seasons?
  6. Name the player from his appearance / goals record.

Wednesday 192 apps 21 goals

West Ham 43 / 6

Rotherham 6 / 1

Wednesday 56 / 4

Peterborough 43 / 5

7. Which MOTD pundit managed Peterborough United?

8. Who is DoF at Peterborough United?

9. Who, with the middle names “ Euchuria Cornelius” managed Peterborough United for 5 years and returned for a second stint almost 10 years later?

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3 minutes ago, Sheffieldblue said:

5 cambridge.

Lincoln first year  , Huddersfield second year


Apparently it was a competition initiated by the Cambridge and district (or whatever they called themselves) F.A. 
Peterborough (and Cambridge United) were also in it in the previous year, 75/76.

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