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Will we be at the Races tomorrow - Cheltenham A


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Last season we conceded a late equaliser down there as we dropped points yet again but we seem a different animal this time around.

Hopefully we can avoid anymore injuries and go into the Fleetwood game with some players coming back into contention as we go into our biggest week of the season.

Referee is that bent **** from the Peterborough James Oldham, he's has produced 70 yellows and 6 reds in 20 games.

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I imagine unless those that have been out are 100% they won’t be travelling for tomorrow. However, I could see him trying some that need volume against Fleetwood next weekend if they are ready,  in readiness for the Plymouth and Ipswich. Hopefully Byers, maybe Bannan and Icky. I can’t see him throwing any of them straight into Plymouth, except maybe Bannan.

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3 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

Shame it’s off, but then again…. A bit more time off for the lads isn’t a bad thing. 

I agree, whilst it would have been great to have won and gone top, I think our chances might be better in a re arranged game if we get injured players back and some new recruits. Also builds the Plymouth game up into a bigger spectacle.

Its not a shock its off given the comments made by their fans about the freezing weather.

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21 minutes ago, owl4ever1867 said:

Pathetic by Exeter imo, I'd be fucking fuming if I'd travelled all the way to Exeter only to be told it's off, yet again fans get shit on.

Weather forecasts (well at least short term ones) are pretty accurate these days, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange an early enough inspection if the temperatures aren’t set to rise about freezing.

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