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Sunderland - Carabao Cup Round 1 - Match Thread

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31 minutes ago, Professor Plum said:

Owlstypers views. Not convinced Byers should be starting tonight. For me he should be nigh on the first name on the team sheet for league games.



I'm not as sure as some are that Byers can be considered an automatic starter now. Nothing he's done wrong, just that he's now got at least two serious rivals for the other two spots, once Bannan has been picked.  Vaulks is an extremely good signing at this level and FDB has really burst out of his shell this season. The fans were loving his efforts at MK on Saturday.  And there's Adeniran to come back into the reckoning. Early last season I thought Dennis was the best of our new signings, before he got hurt and it took it's toll, with Gregory and perhaps Johnson taking over that title.  

I suspect we're going to see quite a bit of squad rotation in the engine room.

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41 minutes ago, Germanbird said:

What would you do?  Play for victory or give our fringe player some gametime?

I hope I see a completely new starting eleven - just to see all players in a competitive game as long as the transfer window is still open. 


Sunderland by the sounds of it are going with many changes. So, it’s a chance to win, however. It’s a chance to win anyway, they’re not that better than us. 

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41 minutes ago, owl4ever1867 said:











Sow/Gregory (unless he's still suspended) 

I’d go with something like that.

Not Sow though. 

Gregory’s not suspended.

Is Adeniran fit - thought I’d seen somewhere that his absence from the first two games was due to injury.

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6 minutes ago, Professor Plum said:

I got a glimpse of Reece James just prior to kick off and I thought Joey Pelupessy was back. I've settled back down now though.

Ha Ha

I thought exactly the same, just as they were going into the huddle.

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Just now, Mark said:

I'd be thinking about getting that Jack Diamond in. Sunderland don't want him, he offers something different. 

Saw lot of him at Harrogate. Thought might be to light weight but done well tonight 

He was being looked at


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I do find it weird though.

We have a player we are trying to make sign a contract, cannot get on the bench.

Then, we have a player signed only 6 days ago, not only on the bench, but gets to come on.

Are we trying to force people to leave.

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