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Catherine Dust F****r Zeta Jones' Swansea v Dejphon Chansiri's Glorious Owls


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  • HoylandOwl changed the title to Catherine Dust F****r Zeta Jones' Swansea v Dejphon Chansiri's Glorious Owls
8 hours ago, Winco said:

Hate them Welsh ***** got whacked outside their ground too.

I’m saying 2-2 

I have a hatred for them as well. After L**ds and the Pigs they’re right up there.

I bet it was a cowardly punch coming from your blind side or from behind you wasn’t it?

Hope we get something from the game as I hate us losing to them twats! 

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3 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Exactly, the ref was 5 yards away, actually indicated it was a tug of the shorts. Soft as hell, but its a foul. Stupidity by Valentin, but then he doesn't know what a foul throw constitutes either

And look how the game has changed since his act of idiocy.

I despair at times, I really do! 

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Our "football" is frankly horrific. Whilst I appreciate we are not going to ever be Barcelona, it's just such poor quality stuff.

It's constant poor passes, miscontrolling it, running into people, bad decision making, silly fouls, lack of fitness, inability to run from midfield to support the strikers. 

The effort is there for sure, can't fault that but everything else is way below the standard required.

I don't see another manager being worse, but frankly I don't think the level can be upped. 

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I’m already fed up of this shit.

Middlesborough were shit, and Swansea look shit and would be there for the taking by even a mediocre Championship side.

But we are every bit as shit as both of them and have the most toothless strike force I’ve ever seen from.a SWFC side. A couple of decent balls played over the top early in the first half. Most Championship sides would have taken advantage of that, but not our snail paced front players - and I’m not having a go at them directly, nor am I having a go at the manager, I’m having a go mainly at a Chairman who has seriously fucked things up for us this season.

I’m sick to the back teeth of us being shit! We’ve had 25 years of this and look as far away from the Premier League as we’ve been since our relegation from it.

Chansiri has got some serious fucking thinking to do, whether he likes it or not, because we can’t go on like this!

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I’ve been saying it for some time this manager has made such a mess. Most our goals came from involvements by Johnson, Bannan, Byers, Windass, Smith and Gregory last season. Only two play regularly in their natural position, Windass nullified. Byers, Smith and Johnson on periphery whilst we haven’t replaced any of them. Should be sacked for that alone before we even get into the positional play/zonal marking and get someone in who can try and build some bridges again. Worst manager I’ve ever seen at Wednesday 

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2 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

It's just so annoying watching us. We started ok. Then just self destruct, and we've not been in it since. There's no urgency we step off when they're 35 yards from goal and invite them forward. We're disjointed when we've got the ball. Xisco has to go. That's it. I've said it.

They are totally devoid of confidence. And that is partly Xiscos fault for being shit, but so much of this falls on the owner for instigating the piss poor summer. 

I identified that waiting 6 or 7 games for it to work, risked entirely that outcome. The existing players we all knew were fragile, the new lot the same

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