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RIP Alan Smith

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1 hour ago, owl4ever1867 said:

Best physio Wednesday have ever had in the time I've watched the blue & white.

My thoughts are with Alan Smith Jr & all his family & Friends at this sad time.

R.I.P Alan Smith 🦉🦉

Who is Alan Smith Jr

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1 hour ago, star said:

Who is Alan Smith Jr

I also had it in my head that his son was also called Alan, but Google tells me it was Paul.

Back to Alan I remember reading an article back in the day about how he really changed the ethos of the treatment room. Out went all the magazines etc, and injured players had a proper hard working regime to get them back fit. They worked just as hard as the fit players, if not harder, and the  previous perception that a little spell injured was a nice relaxed break was ended.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that if not the instigator of the current approach to football fitness/treatment he was at the very least one of the forerunners.

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21 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

He was a vital part of the team patching up players in that era. I know he was part of the England set up as well, why do I think he left us not entirely to his own choosing - I readily admit I could be totally wrong on that score though 


There were rumours of a clash with Francis at the time I seem to recall.

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