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Tractor shaggers match thread

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Our head to head record then v these Tractor lovers..

We've won 21 games, they've won 20 and we've drawn 15 times.

Last time we won there...

Just over 4 years ago, 2nd Feb 2019, Lucas Joao bagging the winner late on.

The team that day...

Westwood, Fox, Lees, Reach, Hector, Palmer, Bannan, Hutchinson, Fletcher (Joao 72), Boyd (Onomah 65) , Forestieri (Aarons 86). 

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I don't care what the moaners say

That's a fantastic result. 

6 points with a game in hand after playing 1st and 3rd, i'll take that

Now onto a lengthy complaint to the technology team at I-follow for completely f*****g the system up 

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31 minutes ago, Bellsview said:

They were shit up until their first goal - we can’t get near them now! 

Smith takes it 1st time & we go 3up it's a totally different game.

Saying that, the way Ipswich battered us 2nd half, I'll take that point, that lot are a very good team & will be pushing us & Plymouth all the way for an automatic spot.

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I would have taken a point beforehand, but can’t help but feel disappointed at giving up a 2-0 lead. If only Smith had taken that chance to put us 3 up.

4 points against Ipswich and Plymouth is good going though.

And nice to see Derby lose as well! 

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Overall, it's a great point. We all would have taken a draw beforehand. 

It's just a 2-0 lead is disappointing to throw away. Especially as it looked like we'd put out their fire and they were well and truly deflated. But, a fantastic free kick revived them. 

When it went 2-2 it looked like they'd run away with it and to say we probably only went in their half about twice for what seemed like an age after their equaliser, it seemed like the inevitable would happen. But, credit where it's due. The resilience and shape we held under considerable pressure, was terrific. So much so that in the end we seemed to have a little bit more left and maybe could have nicked it. 

4 points from Plymouth and Ipswich, and still 6 points clear of 3rd place. Not much to moan about really is there.

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They are obviously happier than us but they shouldn’t be it’s enough for us not them end of.

On to Tuesday night play like that and we leather morecambe 

Plymouth away at Oxford not easy

Come on Wednesday let’s do it 🙌🙌🙌 


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