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The Lewis Wing / David Stockdale Derby - Match thread

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The officials

Assistants: Samuel Ogles and Ravel Cheosiaua
Fourth Official : Alan Young

This season so far. Mr Allison has reffed 19 games, and dished out 59 yellow cards and 4 red.

It looks like it’s the first time he’s taken charge of a game involving us. 

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DM comments.

Mark McGuinness is back at Cardiff. It's a blow because of how well he did here.

"I can't give him enough praise and Cardiff too for allowing him to come here and help the team.

Hopefully he goes back and gets some Championship football because he's certainly ready for it."

"We're not putting any pressure on Baz's recovery, we're just letting him and the medical team focus on their work. But he's coming along well."

"Lee Gregory is back and in the squad tomorrow and we're really pleased to have him back."
"We've had a good week's training and have been getting back to business as usual after the last game, and we're looking forward to the game tomorrow."

"We have to keep our feet on the ground, keep focused and make sure we're ready for the battle tomorrow."

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Feeling good about this game, hope we can keep our run going. Quite confident in Famewo, lad looked really good before his injury. Mcguinness a massive loss though, still, one man doth not maketh a team. 

Beating these comes with the extra bonus of sticking it up Ainsworth. What does he think he looks like, silly owd twat. 3-1 us. 

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Naturally a win today is what we all want, and if we do, I’d love it to be horribly shithouse and us to drag it out and cheese them right off.

Otherwise, I’d take a draw. It might seem overly negative, but it wouldn’t be a bad result IMO. It means we don’t lose momentum, and at a place which isn’t the easiest to get something, would show there are some bo**coke in this team without McGuinness in it. 

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