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Managerial Merry-go-round 23/24

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12 hours ago, Chelters said:

Interesting question Imagine if Warnock decided to announce his retirement once and for all at the end of the season and his last game was at Hillsborough. Do you think he’d get a decent send off or not?

From some I think he would. Not from me though. 

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Warnock is a massive ****, massive. Amongst many other cunty things, he sent a player on to deliberately injure an opponent. That's not hearsay, he fucking told him days before the game he would put him on that would be why.

No idea how he seems to have cultivated this caricature of some sort of soft and cuddly elderly statesman. He's a nasty bastard, always has been, always will be and why any Wednesday fan would even entertain the notion of applauding the absolute pinnacle of a pig **** is massively beyond me.

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14 hours ago, Tylluan said:

He'd get a send off and he'd love every second of it. It would be the only thing he'd be looking forward to all season. 

But the only way he's actually retiring is when he's fitted for a coffin. And just think if that happened at Hillsborough. 

A pantomime villain can't be a pantomime villain if the pantomime has no pantomime audience.  That's us, folks.  What would he be without us?

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Leicester have appointed Manchester City assistant coach Enzo Maresca as their new manager.

Maresca, 43, has been on Pep Guardiola's staff since June 2022 and takes on his second role as a No1 after managing Parma in 2021.

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15 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

O'Neill sacked at Bournemouth - reward for keeping them up !

they are one club that deserve to be back in League 1 really 

That is seriously disgraceful. Totally agree, Bournemouth should be nowhere near the top flight 

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Bournemouth are thinking they can do a Brighton and bring in a relatively unknown who's had a bit of success, in Iraola's case it's getting little Rayo Vallecano to the Copa Del Rey semi finals and 11th in La Liga after getting them promoted. 

There's a lot thinking it'll be more like Southampton than Brighton though.

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2 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

DM in at Oakwell then

Would their fans have him?

Looking at how and why they recruited Duff I'd expect them to go for someone like Luke Williams and I could see DM fitting nicely at Notts County if that did happen and he was ok dropping down

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