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Our next opponents.


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A little cryptic quiz on our next opponents…MK DONS.

I’ll provide answers, if not already revealed, sometime on Saturday before kick off.

Feedback appreciated if you want (don’t want) any more similar quizzes.

Here you go…

Players Past and Present.

  1. A strong thread from north of the border.
  2. All I is after is somewhere to get some cooked meats and cheeses.
  3. Confused errand for this gardener.
  4. Is he a Scottish son to a visible mass of condensed water vapour?
  5. Churchman’s tie by the water channel.
  6. It’s Gospel according to this mixed up daw chick.
  7. Comes from the same place as Helen? That’s normal for a golfer, excessive for this forward.

Other MK People.

8. Close one eye to the Spanish man after low grade fuel.

9. Was this agent castaway with Tom Hanks?

10. A different sea for Pauline and a combative midfielder.

11. These red birds aren’t off anywhere, they’re after a mixed up lark.

And to end, an MK Location.

12. Has 1 hotel been confused for the place where MK play?

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1 hour ago, Reesh said:

2 Deli Alli

1 Scott Twine 


1 hour ago, MAL said:

6 - Luke Chadwick


1 hour ago, MAL said:

11 - Karl Robinson


1 hour ago, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

9. Danny Wilson


9 minutes ago, pook said:

7.  Troy Parrott, maybe?  

Above all correct.


On Troy Parrott: 

Comes from the same place as Helen? of TROY

That’s normal for a golfer, PAR(R)

excessive OTT

for this forward. TROY PARROTT.

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15 hours ago, pook said:

8.  Pete Winkleman


14 hours ago, OptimisticOwl said:

10 - Paul Ince


14 hours ago, Kiwi Owl said:

5 - Dean Lewington?

Wait no

Dean Bowditch 

Bowditch, correct.

14 hours ago, Sheffieldblue said:

12 . A shit hole

Apologies for this, but I couldn’t resist. Thought it was an easy one.

1 hour ago, Supercockle said:

4. Izale McLeod? 


All done.

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