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Sheffield Wednesday, who are they. Exactly

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5 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Ok ish. That horrible feeling that the failure to get a 2nd goal will cost us.

We play pretty decently, look threatening, score and then it goes way too flat. Quality drops particularly the crossing 

Still think it'll be 2/3-0.

Just need that 2nd, you can just see in the players we go 1up & we lost/devoid of confidence to go for that 2nd.

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They were the opposition we needed today, not capable of hurting us even when we did have a minor wobble in the first half.

I will save a complaint for yet another woeful ref. Can someone explain stopping the game when we were in their six yard box then giving it to their keeper after the restart? Astounding. 

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I’m pleased for Dennis, to me he’s been the one out of the three that we’ve tried that looked like he cared but he was just struggling to get to the pace etc. So now we have the best part of a week to regroup Id keep the same 11 if we can (subject to the potential injuries). DM seem to suggest the injuries were tiredness related so hopefully they’ll all be ok next Saturday 

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