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Scab Stags match thread.


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39 minutes ago, Tank_Owl2,0 said:

I think the last time I saw us live against these lot was when Andy Mc scored at there’s. I seem to recall it might have been his 100th league goal or somert.

i really hope we win today and do it without any injuries. 

I went in 2015

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This has been as bad as it ever gets. We should have been 2 or 3 down after 10-12 minutes. Their chances were unmissable!  

At h.t. we're lucky we aren't 5 or 6 down.  There's no proper structure to our team and some patently aren't bothered. If we could, I'd change 8 or 10 of them.  Absolutely shockingly bad.  If this was our first choice team & tactics, we'd go out of the EFL, that's how dreadful this team is. 

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I agree with MK. I can understand not playing Windass or anyone else carrying a knock but otherwise keep the core of the team. Mighten and Wilks in the same team with Johnson at LB is asking for trouble. Having said that, with the right application we should be capable of winning.

Im sure our tactical genius will sort it.

Not reaching round 3 is a fail for this squad. 

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