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F**k me

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This whole facade around this World Cup from the host country is a joke. From shitty human rights records there, the laws around sexuality, deaths in the construction of the stadiums, and more. It should never have been allowed to be staged there, but of course Blatter and co wanted it there for non footballing reasons. The world cup is supposed to leave a lasting legacy on the country it's held for the sport, in a place where football is celebrated and people are allowed to come together. 

But the legacy of this one is to do with the velvet lined pockets being filled, and nothing else, in a country that has never been known for its sporting heritage or outstanding performance. 

So it's quite ironic that some people are being paid to do what they're told.....

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2 minutes ago, EBRA said:

Ha ha - I’ll be giving Hemmingham some abuse when I see him over there now! Scripted bloody song fuck that! 

wonder how “if you wear a yellow jacket your ****” is going to go down!



Probably better if used with the right words.

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I think @emre always nailed this topic by uttering the phrase "musical whores" 

The only debate is whether musical is appropriate.

Would money compromise your principles. I mean it's easy to say absolutely not but most of us are never put in that position. Not defending them, but for 50k I would wear a Sheff U shirt for a week, but still would take a shit on the halfway line when it were dark

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It’s a bit harsh comparing the two.  Neville has to go to Qatar to do his job.  Hemmingham is accepting £60 a day pocket money, free tickets and a free hotel room to say nice things about Qatar.  He doesn’t need to go to the World Cup.  It will be taking place while the club team he supposedly supports will be playing league matches.

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Gary Neville being called out for going to Qatar?

Shock horror

Has he been called out for being a commentator for BEIN Sports during this World Cup. Remind me about the BEIN company, their head offices and where they started up?

Such a shame Hislop didn't get this one out there as well. 

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