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Best Wednesday XI since 1992?

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Love the way Di Canio, Waddle, and Carbone have been shoehorned into a forward 3 just to make them fit. The whole reason Waddle is in that team would be completely negated by where he's been put. 

It's a bollocks idea to stick players from one era into a formation from another 

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That’s the thing I’m torn with, while Warhurst and Degryse were both very good, and with different reasons for leaving. One fair enough, one less so. I wouldn’t swap any of them other than the keeper. 
Westwood at his best would likely be in there for me, then that’s a Premier League title winning side. 

But positionally, Waddle would be wide left and Di Canio behind Hirsty. 

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9 hours ago, Kingys Ginger Mullet said:

Based on ability (not compatibility with the shape/eachother etc)


Big Ron by a million miles



Nilsson, Pearson, Walker, Worthington

Waddle, Palmer, Sheridan, Di Canio

Hirst, Warhurst


Carbone, Jonk, Pressman, Degryse, Viv Anderson

Warhurst ha ha

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