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The 'don't enter if easily offended thread'

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I watched the news the other day and noted the absolute plant pot of a Union chief telling people he couldn't rule out emergency calls being affected by BT workers going on strike.

Now, I hope this was nothing more than media posturing and that won't actually be the case in reality. However, for even stating such a thing in the first place, this scumbag should be jailed or, better still, shot.

As for the workers themselves, if just one person dies as a result of an emergency call not being connected in the usual manner, then every single person who voted in favour of the strike should be instantly jailed for murder. No trial. Bread and water for 15 years and shut the fuck up.

Absolutely disgusting. Just how important do these ***** think they are in this world?

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Narrowboat Will. Came across this clip on another site. It's a trip along the canal from Tinsley to the Sheffield basin, it's well worth a watch if you're into that type of thing, especially the view underneath the Viaduct but then again I do tend to get off on engineering structures.



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