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Apparently… we were Europe’s worst financial ‘performers’ in 2021

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I get these tables etc 

of course love it when we’re top of them as well lol

but right now .. the absolute lack of negativity around the club, despite what happened end of last season …. This article just needs to be ignored and not debated and old mistakes not takes up with just over ninety away for the biggest season in just over half a decade.

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The primary issue it brought was when the parlous state of the off field finances and the subsequent EFL review have impacted the on field performance. And you have to be wearing very blue and white tinted glasses not to acknowledge that.

So for me 2 maybe 3 seasons there was a knock on effect. The covid restriction season limited us witnessing of the 6 point deduction impact in the flesh

So there is little point worrying about said report, as ultimately Chansiri is the only one who feels it in his pocket, but I know my enjoyment of following the Club was diminished as a result of the off field running for that period.



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24 minutes ago, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

Worst in ALL of Europe - 185 Clubs were looked at.  Sure there are more than 185 Clubs in Europe.

St Mirren were 8th Best so something to aspire to. 

Tbh I don't worry about that in the slightest - depends on the criteria chosen and the Clubs chosen.

I can judge fairly easily myself that based on the spending vis a vis league position its a cluster fuck really. 

But then no one who has owned this Club for the last 25 years really escapes from criticism. The reality is we should be a stalwart of the Premier League, no different to the likes of Everton. Inept off the field running means we aren't, my frustration is that I though the Chansiri era was the fresh start we required, sadly it was more ineptness

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I have performed my own study comparing SWFC’s finances with those of Derby County and the teams that play in my local Sunday league.

On the basis of my analysis I can declare a hot exclusive that Sheffield Wednesday are the most financially successful team not only in Europe, but the entire known universe.

Someone email the Star quickly before someone else snaps this up.

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