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24-25 non-Wednesday football tonight / when SKY, TNT, Amazon dictates.

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Special thanks to @mkowl for suggesting the following as the first post in this thread.


Then here's the season's calendar



Also, Champions League football will be changing next season until 2027.

Amazon Prime Video will show 17 first-pick Champions League matches on Tuesday night, in what will be their first-ever season of providing live coverage of the competition. 

And, in significant news for terrestrial TV viewers, BBC will show highlights of the competition with a special Wednesday edition of Match of the Day - the first time the Champions League will be shown by the broadcaster since 1994.

The number of teams will be increased from 32 to 36 teams, while clubs will participate in a single group stage 'league', rather than the traditional group stage that is currently in use.


And finally for now

TNT Sports will still hold exclusive rights to show the Europa League and Europa Conference League.







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I think it's going to be an interesting change on the EFL side of that equation. Not necessarily this first year as season tickets renewals will have arisen. But when you consider in the Championship you will see a minimum of 24 games for your team - at no extra cost if you pay for the full Sky Sports package.

I mean let's keep it easy and go 50 50 on home / away that is half the games. Ok a lot will be midweek which is already a factor in some of us decision making.

Half the Championship games per week will not be 3pm on a Saturday, this Sky Sports + service infers that the rest will not necessarily be unique kick offs. Can see it working like the FA Cup does, 3 different games at 5.30pm or Sunday lunchtime 

I mean nothing beats live football but is it worth 5 hours on the M1 ? Is it worth a 40 minute drive from Dronfield is perhaps more pertinent to the season ticket question. 

The TV contracts do change football and for the EFL this will be pretty seismic potentially, but who knows. For all the saturation TV coverage, crowds seem to be growing

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