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3 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

The press conferences yesterday for the respective nights of boxing were amusing. 

Jarrell Miller being Jarrell Miller aka an abnoxious sod, and Fury being Fury. Amusing. 

Do you work for The Star?

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Quite a few boxing pundits are hoping that Dubois retires Miller. I do think that Dubois is a bit of hype job who will always lose when he fights people who are even gatekeepers to world level. But Miller is a full weight idiot and a fairly shit boxer too, so I am hoping for a nasty KO.

The rest of the card is full of decent matchups. Wilder v Parker is a good test for Wilder, Joshua v Wallin will be a good test for AJ because Wallin is a horrible opponent to match up against. The Bivol and Opetaia fights should be routine wins for the two champs. Miller v Dubois will be fun while it lasts.

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As for Usyk v Fury. 

Fury sees him as a threat, and uses the verbal jabs as motivation. This is actually what Fury does in the lead up to any tough fight. This means that Fury will be motivated which means he will prepare properly. On paper it is Fury’s to lose…

But, Usyk is physically, mentally and technically a monster. Every single asset that elite boxers have, he has. So, can he come up with a plan to work around Fury’s size and skill set? I said the other day that Usyk is very capable of dropping Fury, but I am not convinced that Fury can drop an elusive Usyk who also has a granite chin - but, if he puts his body on him and can manoeuvre him at his own speed, then Usyk will have a very hard night.

Regardless. It genuinely is a 50:50 fight.

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