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7 hours ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Surely in the top 5 heavyweights of all time? 

I suppose you've got to weigh up who his contenders were and would he beat the likes of Lewis, Tyson, Holmes, Spinks Holyfield, in their prime. 

Whyte's shot came 3, maybe 5, years too late but that's down to constant dodging by the belt holders management being too wary to let their boxer take him on

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51 minutes ago, Andyben said:

Lennox Lewis in his prime may have had a chance against him, and Also Tyson but there's not many who could get anywhere near him.


Lewis would have been a very very good fight from a technical standpoint, both are superb boxers. 

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I had Fury to win by a wide points decision.  It looked like he was happy enough to settle for that, but the opportunity to land a big shot just presented itself and he took it.

It’s no real surprise that Fury announced his retirement. The most interesting fight out there would be Usyk, and he’s otherwise engaged fighting in a war.  That would provide more clarity about where Fury stands in the all time lists.  The one thing he doesn’t really have on his CV is smaller, elusive opponents with fast hands (apart from an over the hill Steve Cunningham, early on in his career, and Fury had to get off his arse to win).  The heavyweight top 10-15 is full of big, brave, mostly durable, guys with big punches, and very ordinary defences.  They’re all made for Fury.  

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