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Stag do tonight

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Clough will fancy his chances and I expect them to be more or less at full strength and in our faces from the off. If Xisco fields the likes of Valentin and a couple more who may shy away from the more industrial side of the game then I don't think it'll go well. 

I'd go as close to last season's side as possible and that includes Johnson getting a full game. 

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16 minutes ago, Tank_Owl2,0 said:

Nicely set up for a last minute fluke from Mansfield and a penalty shoot out loss - the way things are going.

Although we seem to be decent in pen shoot outs - famous last words 🤣

Especially as we are currently up 19-6 on shots on goal 😬

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9 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

It's been better

Tbf it's been worse 

You do question how much time Xisco will actually be given. 

I sorta feel sorry for him, he has been given a stick that is shitty at both ends 


I don’t rate Xisco but I don’t blame him.

But I do blame who recruited him! What an absolute fucking shambles- no excuse for losing tonight. 

Just heard the booing after Palmer missed the final penalty. Not even September and things are already toxic at S6. Well done Chansiri! 

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Not bad basically 3 months after the play off win we get knocked out at home by a League 2 side.

Confidence takes another hit 

It's actually a good point I have seen noted elsewhere, that it took Moore a considerable amount of time to banish (most of) the late conceding blues and that trait as quickly re-appeared

I mean I get the "it will take time" view but each loss in the meantime, just means it's a few steps more to take


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We should have been out of sight before they equalised. We missed a lot of chances, the final ball was poor and we always looked like we might have a mistake in us.

We got punished for not taking our chances, simple as that.

I am desperately hoping that Chansiri has opened the cheque book and given Xisco a couple of million to get some money real quality at this before the window closes. We are woefully short in multiple areas of the pitch.

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