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Bye bye Scunthorpe United?


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22 minutes ago, Owling_Wolf said:

Fingers crossed for them. Hate seeing long term league clubs going right down the nick like this.  

They were amongst a raft of clubs who joined the league in 1950, hardly founding members. After the way they acted the **** at Hillsborough on occasions,  fuck em.

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33 minutes ago, Tylluan said:

I scored the first ever goal in a recognised game at Glanford Park. 

Tidy little ground when it was built but a bit soulless. 

I believe there's already a fans group trying to get a phoenix team into the lower leagues for the start of next season. 


What year, Ty?  

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I work in Scunthorpe, well I did before WFH became the norm and they've no more a set of knobs than other inbred towns but there's more clubs in front of them that I wouldn't give a fuck about if they went bust.  One just over the border to Tinsley being one of them.

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I wouldn't want to see any club go the wall, I include every club, i.e. even those I hate. From the perspective how would I feel if Wednesday went. The vast majority of supporters are decent even if some have a significant number of nobs.

As for Scunny, no real feeling for them, pretty low in my 'do I care' about them hierarchy. I should imagine Brian Laws would be disappointed to see them go after what he did for them.

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I've just read right through that.  Whatever shit fest with CP and the reaction we've suffered ourselves this week is a bed of roses compared to even 1% of what their fans have gone through already, never mind what it sounds like they're facing now.  Truly horrendous.  

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