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Just because he liked 'em..

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I often find at live music shows - and especially at outdoor rock festivals - that bands can take a song or two to really get going. Nerves?  Dunno. One real exception were this lot.  Straight from the off!    I also find that bands who quite obviously love what they do and are having a good time themselves give their audience a good time too. These lads show both traits in this clip.  Watch the veteran bass player: as soon as the music starts he's 'real gone, man'!    



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Took a holiday trip from Saudi to visit family in South Africa, back before the changes. Took a few cassette tapes as a gift for my cousin. One night he put one on as we were cruising through Jo'burg with his mates. This came on...    🙄

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Nice one I've never seen that clip before

I remember seeing them doing this on the OGWT before anyone had ever heard anything about them and shortly after going to see them at the City Hall

Jan Akkerman was one of the best guitarists I've ever seen

Thijs van Leer, the yodeling flautist, is still touring as Focus and played in Sheffield a few weeks ago on a Prog Rock weekend



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