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Matchday Fred: Sheffield Wednesday - Burton Albion

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That was a pretty poor first half from us, yet we're 2-0 up 

Attacking play has been questionable. Too many of our players seem to be static, which is causing a lot of our ball possesion to be going back to the defence. Some of the long balls are just going straight through to the keeper, which isn't surprising on this pitch

It could have been a different story had Dele Bashiru not miscontrolled when we were on the counter after only a few minutes.

Think Iorfa and McGuinness have been very comfortable in defence. Both seem to be playing well

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3 points - well done

That was a little more nervous than it should have been. There was a couple of times late on where they may have scored on another day. Odd because bar the last 15 minutes, I thought Iorfa and McGuinness were very comfortable at the back. Their 2nd, I am certain that Stockdale thought it was going wide

Special shout out to Paterson who I wished was given the chance with our 2nd penalty. His two balls for Wilks were outstanding. So unlucky with a few efforts as well. Others may see different but he was my man of the match from the I-Follow screen today

Attacking wise, we were much better 2nd half than the first half. We started to cause them all sorts of problems and deserved a few goals, whilst I feel they deserved a bit of luck given they never gave up. 


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We made bloody hard work of that in the end, the panic that set in when it went 4-2 was like watching a bunch of kids all chasing the ball when they are 1st learning how to play.

You can't miss any type of penalties, even at 4-1, we go 5-1 & they dont get a 2nd imo.

2nd half was far more enjoyable than the 1st, looked more organized as a team and each player knew what their jobs were.

This is just my opinion but Gregory looks out of sorts & fed up.

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Was a poor first half with Bannan being the difference between them and us. They were pretty bright until about 30 yards out and then they ran out of ideas. We were equally abject until Bannan got the ball and then things happened. Although to be fair, Dele also caused problems with his pace and power.

Second half was much better, much more purpose with the ball and more threat from Wilkes, Dele again, and Johnson from left back. To be honest, it should have been 6 or 7, four really good chances and a missed pen. People will read a lot into the two they scored. The first was just a bit of quality from wide and good movement from Winnall, the second, a very well placed header, but some lead footed movement from Stockdale.

It was a performance of 6’s and 7’s, and it just greater quality in the last third that made the difference.

Some observations. The back four played well as a unit and individually. Bakinson was good second half. Malik Wilkes is going to frustrate everyone and score goals, he backs himself physically against players when he needs to face people up and go at them. Pato delighted and infuriated at the same time, but he had a good game.

I was happy we could give a break to the likes of Bannan, Smith, Byers etc.

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