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My hatred for the pigs. I've often wondered...

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2 hours ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

There is nothing irrational

On the odd occasion I have lowered my standards to speak to one of them, I usually find i hate them within 30 seconds 

They are just a species apart. The only irrational aspect is if as a Wednesday fan you actually count one of them as a friend 

Not my fault tha Billy No Mates

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I've seen my share of English footy as a neutral.  Whenever I go to a new ground, I try to arrive a bit early, and usually pop into a pub close to the ground.  More often than not, I'll end up having a conversation with one or more home supporters.  I've done so at countless clubs about whom I'm essentially indifferent, and more than a few times at clubs for whom I have marked distaste.  But even then, I tend to speak with folks, and it goes well enough.  

The sole exception is the one time that I went to Bramall Lane (v Donny Rovers in League 1) whilst in Sheffield.  I popped into (I think) the Cricketers Arms right there at the ground, ordered a pint ... and for some reason - and I remember how odd it seemed - I just wanted out.  I didn't speak with anyone - avoided it, actually - necked my beer, and left.  I just walked around the neighborhood until kickoff.  It'd be silly to put it on them, as no one did anything specifically to put me off.  But being in there just felt wrong.  I've been plenty of places that should've felt far 'wronger'; but that was the only time that's happened.  It was weird.  

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On 16/07/2022 at 00:19, pook said:

I've been plenty of places that should've felt far 'wronger'

I remember going into a pub near Maine Road and asking for a Pernod and coke. The looks from the locals were something else. Safe to say, it was a quick drink.

The football that night wasn't much better as City completed a comprehensive double over us with a 4-0 gubbing 🙁

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I remember mum and dad rowing after my dad said words along the lines of “I hate them bastards more than hitler” mum said “don’t talk stupid bill, they bombed  my mums house when I was little, he was a vile evil man” to which he replied “yes but I don’t have to work with that twat everyday” true story.


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