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Definitely not a scam site. It's like wish or Ali express. Products are cheap for a reason but good enough 

Never had any non deliveries.

Although I've seen what Holmesfield has written. Some links etc definitely don't take you to the genuine temu site. Pity Google etc cannot be bothered to prevent scammers from doing this 

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2 hours ago, Skamp said:

No they're not.  I've bought a few items from them.

Don't expect the best of quality or fast shipping but for cheap and cheerful stuff, it's OK.


I buy my car wax from them.  Look for ones that offer a showroom shine. Excellent for less than a tenner.





Skamp is now off to put a deposit on a brand new car.  No longer needs the car wax 😀

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They are associated with information harvesting without a doubt. They were recently subject to accusations when they were offering some sort of rewards to customers for getting them to ask their families and friends for their personal info and contact details and offering financial reward. Here's what "Which" have to say on them.


I like Temu to be honest as my missus uses them a lot. She still buys a load of crap, it just happens to be a lot cheaper.

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1 hour ago, Alan Finney said:

The problem I find with the adverts are the scantily clad birds in some of them when wifey is looking over my shoulder and asking WTF I'm looking at.

But on the plus side...

When she catches you on the porn sites, you can just say,  "what can I do, its that site with the adverts again"


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