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Top 5 and Worst 5

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Pen takers you've seen for the club, this excludes Pressman etc who only took them in shoot outs. 

In no order top 5 


Steve MacLean (ridiculous record for us) 





Again no order, shittest 5

De Bilde 


Deon Burton



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Mark Smith - looked like he might break Franny Lee’s record (wonder if he still has that, suppose I could google it) for the most scored in a season at one point during the 79-80 season. He just fell short in the end.

Tommy Craig

Steve MacLean

Mel Sterland

John Sheridan


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Mark Smith actually fell well short. He got 11 that season, Franny Lee got 15 in 71-72.

Football history being reset in 1992 seemingly and an obsession with calendar years for some reason is hampering my Google searching.

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8 minutes ago, Reesh said:

My grandad used to tell about a full back called Norman Curtis who'd get the ball put on the spot for him and run from about half way to take the pen, likely embellished. 

Nowadays some arsehole would tap the ball away just before he got there. 

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I saw Curtis and he took a very long run up. They were very powerful kicks. Not sure of the accuracy rates but when they went into the crowd , some poor sod got smashed. The guy who seemed to score regularly from penalties was Tom McAnearney,

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7 hours ago, Reesh said:


Seem to think it was a night game at home when he missed and then he scored anyway about 5 minutes later.


Can't remember the opposition

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