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Ticket office gone pear shaped?

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There's lots of similar stuff going on.

Some result of increased Chinese hacks which cut the power to SS Dali, for example

- smart energy meters going nuts and billing millions of people £000's

- my lad and all his mates got emails confirming they have 24 yrs NCB on their motorbike insurances.

Just wait till weekend when they hit US utilities 

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I had same email twice linked to 2 season ticket holders, me and brothers. Thanking us for the purchase of tickets for Friday though tickets are for our seats. 

Could be 40,000 there with 2 to a seat. 🤣

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1 hour ago, bradowl said:

Apparently it was just a glitch in system and everyone who's got a season ticket and a email address linked to their SWFC account will have received same email. 

Followed by most of 'em posting on Twitter about it.  🙄

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11 hours ago, Tank_Owl2,0 said:

Obviously it’s all DC fault 🥸

Exactly, I'm sure he spends most of his time at club overseeing things in ticket office. 🤣


Tbf like Hoyland has said, an email or putting something on website to ease people's minds would be a good idea. 

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