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  1. If you say please really nice i can provide you with some satin shorts.Pre worn too.
  2. I’d forgotten about that. When it comes to a lot of things in life,nostalgia can play a big role.One of my favourites,and I know this is by no means popular,was the blue with white sleeves.Purely down to my age and having the subbuteo team of that era.
  3. I wasn’t keen on that one,although it was the first shirt my son had.If i remember correctly it had a thin stripe either side of the broad one.Apart from that it was similar to the Birmingham City ‘penguin’ shirt. You can’t beat blue and white stripes with black shorts if you want an iconic kit.
  4. Why don’t you post it again and have a hat trick?
  5. Being a big fan of cowboys and indians I made a point of drinking Colt 45..
  6. I remember being stood on the kop when Madden was playing,don’t remember what match,but it was memorable for one thing.A bloke standing nearby shouted ‘just fuck off Madden’ every time he had the ball.
  7. I used to draw in an appropriate moustache or try changing the hair colour.The tricky part was changing the name.Probably why I rarely found a swap.
  8. It was a gift to me so i felt duty bound to read it.If i recall correctly, it doesn’t flow cohesively making it a tiresome narrative.The other aspect is anyone who attended the matches is already aware of a lot of the events written. Your probably best doing what Reesh mentioned.
  9. Middlesbrough have just signed Ayling on a two year deal,so that’s one off their books.
  10. Re paranoia,I was once told ‘just because you think everyone is out to get you,it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re wrong’. It wasn’t an accusation either,before anyone says anything.
  11. I don’t think anyone accusing you of being aligned with 1867. I agree that you’re just trying to have a rational discussion re our previous manager. The thing is,i don’t think many, if any,have the appetite for it.I’m looking at this site nearly every day and enjoying the optimism and the general feel good factor.What could have been a very bad season turned out to be a wonderful finale,added to by what happened to the other lot across the city.I’m going to be on top of the world for as long as possible.My advice,which I offer genuinely,is make the most of these times when they come around.They tend to be fleeting.
  12. Your eyesight can’t be that bad then.
  13. They’ve never won a playoff final and this makes it attempt number six or seven. I’ve seen both figures quoted in trying to find out the information.
  14. Let’s hope they fuck up again.They’ve had six attempts and lost every one.
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