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  1. I enjoyed reading that article again, thanks.
  2. They’re worth buying for the War of the Monster Trucks which shows Megson on the front.It features a brilliant story about the battle of b———- Lane between that lot and West Brom..Hilarious.
  3. Listed building status is decided by Historic England.Local councils don’t have the power to list buildings,to my knowledge.
  4. Thank you HoylandOwl. I never posted on the other site but shall try to be more proactive here and see if I can live up to my username.
  5. I think Bronco has a valid point re. industry we’ve lost.We still need a lot of the products we made but the goods from the far east aren’t fit for purpose by and large.They come half way across the world and end up in a landfill site within a short time. I’m not from Sheffield but lived there for a few years in the 70’s and started watching Wednesday then.I think you do your city a disservice,I always liked it and the people.I’ve worked in Leeds quite a few years and while the city centre might be vibrant overall it’s a dump and I would never live there. It’s also a nightmare driving into. Came over here from the over site which was starting to get tiresome reading negativity all the time.This is much better.👍
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