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Portsmouth sell out incoming

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1 hour ago, Reesh said:
1 minute ago, Tank_Owl2,0 said:

So what do we think the atmosphere will be like Saturday?


Edgy....we can win, lose or draw and still claim a play off spot....it's strange being 4th, 2pts clear of 7th with a decent (matchin) goal diff....but it can still turn to shit....we just need to match or better Wycombe's result.....I'd fancy us against any of em in the play offs.....

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3 hours ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Hahaha, I don’t support them. Just don’t hate them, the more other Wednesday fans pathetically hate on them does make me like them more though


To be fair, it's hardly just Wednesday fans.  Everybody hates 'em, best I can tell.  

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45 minutes ago, JBO said:

There was going to be 1 empty seat on Saturday due to work but after a serious financial inducement I have persuaded a colleague to cover me


Don't fuck this up Wednesday 


39 minutes ago, JBO said:

Seriously it's a stupid amount of money 😆

What you gonna spend it on?

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8 minutes ago, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

Especially for a god awful 12.30pm kick off.  Hate lunchtime kick offs. 

Can't clash with the PL lot can we..... 

And only cos Queen Liz shifted a bank holiday are we finishing a week earlier than rest of the EFL

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