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FA Cup 3rd round

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On 03/12/2023 at 13:00, Reesh said:

Who's the Scottish bouncer drawing the home teams?

Fuck me this why women shouldn't present

Norwich have just been drawn out apparently they 'made it' to the 3rd round last season.....

The lass presenting nearly drove me insane. Remember when the t.v. draw took place in a sort of hushed reverance?  We really don't need a non-stop machine-gunning with inane minutiae. Just. Shut. Up.  Even for a moment, please!

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1 hour ago, HoylandOwl said:

Kick off time moved back 2 1/2 hours thanks to the game now being broadcast on tv overseas.

Well, if it wasn’t going to be well attended, it’s likely going to be a smaller attendance now. As there’ll be options for folks to find it online .


As it involves sheep shaggers it will be on S4C I am guessing 

Tbf the commentary in Welsh would be preferable to a women commentator 


J Barton 

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