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Has it flooded yet?


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4 hours ago, Laceups said:

I’m seeing shocking videos from Sheffield. Is there a risk of the stadium flooding again?

I heard a bridge had collapsed in Hillsborough?

I Googled it after your post and got a choice of three stories of bridge collapses in the past.

1. A big bridge near Hillsborough U.S.A. 

2. Ditto at Hillsborough, N.I.  

3. A small bridge collapsing nr. Hillsborough, S6, but some years ago.

Oh, and tons of stories about the Hillsborough disaster.  

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You tend to find that those that tell you that you need to stop doing something for the good of everyone else are up to their necks in doing quite the opposite.

Another example being these JSO mob.  How do they get about the country I wonder? Or go to Tesco and so on.  They're probably the type to take their kids to school in a 4x4 for the 1/2 mile journey.

Don't even start on lockdown rules.

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i have a couple of mates who are Geologists ( now retired ) They think in different time scales to us mere mortals . To them climate change is inevitable and has been going on for millions of years  . They analyse much more data over a much longer time frame than the Climate change industry ( yes it has become an  industry )  who have less than 200 years of records to analyse

No matter what we do it to try and prevent  Climate Change it  is not going to make any difference

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Adding sulphur dioxide to aviation fuel thus causing chemtrails and the effects is we get shit weather. It's time Bill Gates and Herr Schwab were eliminated, no fucker elected them ***** anyway.

Council cut backs on drains not being cleared then where the fuck is the water to go?


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