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Badly hurt Owls fan appeal

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26 October 2023 by Andy FutterOrganiser

It's hard to find the words to express our gratitude for your amazing generosity and kindness ..
Our wonderful Samuel is still fighting for his life and we remain by his side over here in Germany every day. The Drs say he can hear us so
we read to him, reminisce about his childhood, play his favourite music and read the football news, Lizzy sends him beautiful voice notes everyday and is flying back over on Sunday to be with him.
The Drs here are fighting hard for him and doing all they can. We have to put our trust in them and we remain hopeful.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Karen, Chris and Liz xxx
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9 hours ago, Reesh said:

He's home.

It's slow going for him

 Yes, I've just heard the same from his workmate.  Great news that he's back in UK but the last they heard he wasn't speaking yet but was communicating.  Obviously isn't expected back at work any time soon, (one person's second hand opinion, not 'official'.)   Probably Reesh's comment above covers things succinctly.  Small steps.

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