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What I’m Watching 4.0


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Re-watched The Looming Tower this week. 

Currently on final episode.

Such a remarkable series, a dramatisation of the events leading up to 9/11 based on the subsequent Senate hearings.

Absolutely immense.

Been pulled from amazon prime so only on the jeckell sites.

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I watched that a while back. Really enjoyed it, and Jeff Daniels in particular. 

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here before, but have you seen The Spy on Netflix, AB? It’s Sacha Baron-Cohen as an Israeli spy in Syria.


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Yeah that's great.

There's a show similar to Looming Tower out at the moment but not in UK yet.

Ghost of Beirut, about Hunt for the Hezbillah terrorist that bombed loads in middle east.

Same set up. 

Dramatisation cut with real life interviews.

Made by same production team as Fauda 

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I’ll keep an eye out for that. Any idea what platform? Could always find it elsewhere I suppose. 

I’ve never watched Fauda, though seen you mention it before. I will get round to it. 

We’ve just started watching Shooter, which is OK. Feels a bit cheap and tacky, not helped by the main character being called Bob Lee Swagger 🤨

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Binged watch a few series lately.

This is England (film)

This is England 86,88 & 90.

Inside Man (BBC)

The Sixth Commandment (BBC)

Gallows Pole (BBC)

Blue Lights (BBC)

Steel Town Murders (BBC)

Sherwood (BBC)

We've got the last 2 episodes to watch of "The Walking Dead - Dead City to watch & also 3 more episodes of "Secret Invasion" on Disney+



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On 09/02/2024 at 16:38, Andyben said:

It's great. Pity they'll never finish the final series after Costner spat his dummy out 

We're on the last season, we're going to wait until November as S5 is split into 2 parts - that's one of the reasons why he threw his dummy out (apparently)

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