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  1. It all went tits up when Diana died. It suddenly became fashionable to get overemotional about everything and the press found a goldmine fuelling it.
  2. It's a £25 increase each phase on the Kop, bit more on the others.
  3. Should put a small barrier half way up the Kop, make them the most expensive tickets in the ground, then you can charge a fortune for away tickets.
  4. Those numbers leave an average maximum of 19 Saturday games per year per team in the Champ. We had 28 this season. Also means a max of about 10 home games on a Saturday. I already struggle to make non Saturday games as it is, but this is daft.
  5. About as good as it gets tonight. Only listened to the talksport show in the background, but they were absolutely slating Stoke and Birmingham for how bad they were. Didn't really mention Blackburn, but the scoreline speaks for itself. Bristol on great form now playing Huddersfield next.
  6. On no account should Bannan be starting next season, and it's madness to build another midfield around him. We've done it for years now and our midfield has been shocking for that entire time. Sub or gone, with a new midfield.
  7. You knew it was going wrong when he hit the no look pass across the pitch and out of touch in the first couple of minutes. When he's under pressure he always drifts left, that's the problem as he leaves whoever else is there up shit creek with 3/4 of the pitch to cover.
  8. Our defenders get hammered, but look at the options opposition defenders have to pass to compared to ours. The midfield should be creating passing opportunities and getting in space. Also, how many times has an opposition player got the jump on Bannan from behind this season when he's receiving the ball from a defender and slow to react? You can tell they're watching for it.
  9. We have a side built for sitting in and counterattacking, but try to pass it about and get hit on the counter every time ourselves.
  10. Wednesday seem to have had this habit for the last couple of years of playing the 'better' players, the 'footballers' and losing. Then we bring in the shithouses, get some results on the board and suddenly think "just think how good we'd be if we had a couple of the 'better' players back in the side and get battered again.
  11. Club have announces retro kits for sale. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2024/april/owls-retro-shirts-available-now/ This season's kits are half price too. https://shop.swfc.co.uk/Home-kit
  12. I honestly don't know how some of these people drag themselves out of bed in a morning.
  13. Can't go that far, as we don't have the college system. They'll just go for making sure that they're all good and making a profit. Going off a league cap with luxury tax could potentially fix football to a certain extent, but it would have to go through the courts and be implemented across Europe.
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