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Marvin Johnson


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What a crock of sh1t.

From the video clips I’ve seen he basically shrugs off the Ipswich lad who proceeds to make a meal of it.

So we were punished in the game by them getting a pen and are punished again with a 3 game ban.

At least James is back so hopefully it less of an impact - assuming we get no further injuries.

Im sure there will be some that will say MJ was a silly boy for not thinking of the potential consequences, well yes but he hardly elbowed there player with any real force and I would hardly say he was violent. Further, I don’t know what the investigators have seen but if it’s nothing other than the official footage then what have they based their decision on - linemen that was at the other side of the pitch and couldn’t make out who actually did it!

Another shambles of so called ‘justice’ in the game.

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5 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

They don’t need to and won’t.

Its simple. Trial by mobile phone.

And now I hope the floodgates open and everyone is done by fans moaning. Made a rod for their own backs here 

they will deny that arose - be a case that the lino saw this but could not be 100% certain of the player. The "mainstream" video camera then confirmed it was Johnson. And no not the mobile phone coverage 

But that is the open door here, get the camera phones ready 

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Very dangerous precedent. Cue videos from Charlton on twitter of every foul committed on Aden Flint as he is wrestled to the ground at attacking corners. Based on todays ruling, it’s going to lead to referee suspensions and red cards being dished out to multiple players. And rightly so, if you are going to agree to suspend players based on fan footage, or disallow goals based on video screens - then you deal with the consequences of opening the doors.

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My main problem with this (and it's a big problem as i see it, but they won't give a damn about that), is they have zero consistency and are absolutely bent.

They go after teams they want to, but leave other favourite teams alone or even change the rules for them.

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Joke.  The phone footage was from so far away, it was difficult to tell who was more at fault.  I think we’ve all worked out that we’re not the EFL’s favourite club.  Fuck you Parry, we’re going up as champions anyway.  Oh and much respect to Real for the midweek performance.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"On review of MOAS (Match Official Administration System) footage the player who committed the offence was No18 Marvin Johnson who would have been sent off for his actions"

"After the Commission viewed all of the various video evidence and remained fully focussed on the actions of MJ throughout’, the following was decided:"

All the various video evidence is a pretty damning sentence. The ref's saying he's reviewed the official footage and the panel are saying they've reviewed various footage.

 Unless there's an MOAS camera behind each goal (where the phone footage was taken from) then the official gantry camera picks up sod all. 

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Just now, holmesfield_owl said:

It won't, it's official match footage, not from 30 ft behind the goal so doubt it counts 🤣

That’s fair comment. 
Let’s edit the footage, and start it with some ‘click and subscribe’ spiel at the start. That’ll do it. 

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It was interesting reading the full transcript. The officials say they use the match coverage to confirm it was Johnson. The tribunal state they use available video evidence, it does not say just the official match coverage

Tbh they probably give 95% weight to the fact the officials saw it not just whom did it.

They did give a penalty so did see it and the ref would have given a red at the time - just be grateful Ipswich didn't show a real time replay in the ground 

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1 hour ago, Bellsview said:

I just wish now that Marv had walked back up to him, whilst he was laid floundering on the ground, and kicked him in the bollocks! 

That would have been worth a 3 game ban.

I just wish the wankers in charge had some decency and integrity.

I absolutely hate the game as it is now, detest is probably a better word.


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