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Man United new owners

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  • 4 weeks later...

That Karveh Solhakhol or however you spell it should change his name to Mr State the Obvious.

Not only does he spout obvious shite on transfer deadline day. He’s just been on SSN talking about the potential sale of Man U.

Here’s his massive insight into it after a three bids.

’There are very different buyers’ Noooo really? I thought all three were the same person.

Then the real whopper.

’We don’t know how much the bid is, but if the Glazers want £6billion and the bud is only £4b then they might not sell because it’s not meeting their valuation.’

Never Karveh. How on earth did you figure that out? 


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Football lost its moral code and ethics a long time ago.

I doubt we’ll ever see a club win the PL again that hasn’t been pumped full of money that we’d feel had some bad connections somewhere, be it Middle East, Russian oligarch, US oil or whatever. 

Its just a big money game now with little reference to the tradition of the club. Chansiri must know this and even his wealth would fall short if we ever managed to get into the PL.

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