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He Might(en) be off

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Not for me it isn’t. I would have sent him back and tried to get someone else in. It’s not worked out for him. We’re not playing him in his true position to let’s shake hands and go our separate ways. 

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3 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

Reminds me (a little bit) of Corbeanu. Not a wing back, played as a wing back (a lot of the time) and we don’t see what all the promise was. 
However, Corbeanu was better than Mighten.

This. Definitely 

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Perhaps if Mighten had proven his worth to us like McGuinness it might've been a whole different ball game.

Instead of having a go at DM & SWFC, perhaps if Forest hadn't of signed a stupid amount of players he could've been playing in the PL if he was that good.

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57 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

If he hadn’t have played him for 2 games prior to his loan when he’d no intention of having him as a regular in the Forest side. This conversation wouldn’t have even been had.

Probably played him just as a way of getting him out on loan.  

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