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Link between Wednesday and William Hill….

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2 hours ago, holmesfield_owl said:

Don't personally care either way. Putting a Wednesday badge on William hill branding wouldn't me place a bet anymore than if it was on a companies beer can or burger box. Tbh anyone who bets in the ground is a mug anyway, odds are always far worse than online. Placing a bet on the high street or phone/online is that easy nowadays that IF there is a gambling issue in the country it's already too easy. Aside from that, you've always been able to bet in the ground, first thing you see as you go through kop turnstile where steps are.

A none story IMO. I appreciate there will always be some who blow thousands, my feeling with addiction is if it wasn't gambling, their personality would find another crux to lean on (I've had counselling years back for drinking so I have an idea of how it goes)

The Hillsborough shop is branded not inside the stadium.

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