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Will the knives be out if we don't beat Stanley - Match thread

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7 hours ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

See who needs to rely on 80's adverts for thread titles 

If the knifes come out, will DM be heard lamenting “that’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into, Stanley”.

Who needs 80s adverts when there’s 30s Hollywood?

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Nice touch from Smiffy and a practical finish from Mighten. Love it.

A good journey, lovely day out, (so far 👀), pleasant pub and nice beer, (Blonde Witch): doing okay so far. Now watch us lose.   I love little old Pennine towns, me.  😉

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1-0 win then. Very scrappy game overall but got the job done with 3 points.

In the end, it was a similar game to Port Vale. We faced a side that have zero quality up front. All it needed was one goal in the end but a 2nd would have killed it. Windass or Dele Bashiru should have put the game to bed with the chances they had 2nd half. Once Stockdale made that challenge when their player was clean through, I didn't think they'd score.

A point behind Ipswich now after they could only manage a draw.

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Another of those, promotion winning, scrappy, professional, doing just enough, type away wins.  We’ve had a very good day with the other results.  I did not expect Ipswich to drop points at home to Cheltenham or Portsmouth at Morecambe.

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