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Could be worse…


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1 hour ago, LiamOwl said:


Just come across this on BBC website  


Sorry if we’ve already resurrected the old thread on the new site, I tried searching for it before posting. 

You sure this is now?  They had issues last year but that got sorted. 

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This is ancient Liam. Highland League banned them from playing at home last season and they got relegated. 

Fort tried to take the League through the courts but they needed a £30k bond just to try and get a hearing so it fell through. They claimed the League committee acted to remove them from the League making it nigh on impossible to generate home game income and in the relegation playoff the League refused to allow some Fort players to play so they couldn't field a team within the rules of the league (put a keeper on the bench) so they had to forfeit and drop into the league below. 

The pitch actually holds up pretty well and games are usually just called off for being frozen. however in recent times its suffered from vandalism, especially through lock down, and it isn't helped by it being in a public park so they can't fully fence it off to protect it. 

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Sorry Mr Liam, I watched that programme on the BBC Scotland channel. Think it was only 2 or 3 weeks ago. I meant to mention it on here, given the thread on the previous board, but forgot. I blame old age. Never get old 🙁

It's the story of last season, as described by Mr Tylluan. Still a half decent watch though, even if you already know the ending.

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8 hours ago, Owling_Wolf said:

Crikey, that's an away match and a half.   I hitch-hiked to the Orkneys twice when I was rather younger. Even with a start in the Fort, that is a trip!  

Was played at Alness due to the distance between the clubs. The return fixture will also be played there

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