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Sports report drops classified results

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Seems a real shame, but I can’t remember the last time I listened to it. 

No way am I getting back to the car for 5 these days; and if I’m listening on the Radio then I’m still on RS to hear reaction etc or have turned off on disgust and want nowt to do with football if we’ve lost.

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12 minutes ago, HarrySpeakup said:

Nobody who has been to a game in the last 10 years has ever got back to the car for 5pm anyway

Presumably only the few people who listen to a portable radio and the stay at home people who would have been following the scores all afternoon anyway listened


Prisoners and hostages like football too Harry


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43 minutes ago, M42Owl said:

Why does a game kicking off at 5:30 prevent 5 minutes being dedicated to reading all the results? It's not like going round the grounds or owt.

I think they want to fit in post match interviews, then build up to the game for 10 minutes.

The 5.30pm game was previously on Talksport but the BBC have taken this slot. Looks like the former have any Fri / Mon night games which were the BBC.

Ironically our game finished well after 5pm on Saturday. I looked at my phone at 5.02pm and we kept on playing.


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