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Vaulks’ first interview as an Owl

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Some interesting comments from Vaulks re his Cardiff departure 

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales Sport, via BBC Sport, Vaulks said: “To be told I would only play a certain amount of matches because they didn’t want my contract to trigger was really a disappointing thing to go through.”

The last three or four months were really tough mentally.” Vaulks continued.

“I think the fans probably got that from me in a couple of the goal celebrations because there was a lot of frustration from myself because I’m a person that wants to play.

“I wish the club all the best because you always do because the fans deserve that, but yeah, I still am slightly disappointed at the way it ended.

It’s a cliche that a lot of footballers use at a club is ‘a rollercoaster’, but I would say that pretty much sums up my time at Cardiff.


“I had some good times, some bad; overall probably disappointed – three years when I reflect, it wasn’t the way I planned the three years to go when I signed for the football club.

“I don’t want to lie, I’m honesty disappointed with the outcome after three years. I am disappointed at the way I was treated at the football club, I have to be honest. But, that’s football

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