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When will it end?

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Details of Mbappe's new deal at PSG after turning Real Madrid down for ....... you guessed it, more money.

How much are the half time pies and and beers going to be at the Parc des Princes?


£100M signing on fee.

£1 M per week.

Forgot to add, PLUS bonuses!

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It's ridiculous Steve, there's talk of him having influence on deciding on their signings too and stuff like that. 

How on earth they're allowed to even contemplate paying him that much is crazy, they've had something like 700million in losses already. Yes, I know they're richer than rich, the owners. But it's daft. 

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It's obscene isn't it.

Although tbh whilst this is quite public the amount of money the privileged in our society get through companies like BP etc is more obscene because of the tax avoidance, no doms etc.

So part of me is thinking why shouldn't he, if someone is prepared to pay it. He'll be forgotten in 10years, or at least a vague memory.

The rich get richer and all that, the likes of PSG, Madrid etc are in a different universe to most other professional clubs.

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At the other end of the scale…

Did anyone else see the program about Macclesfield FC last night? Robbie Savage having a wtf moment (and I agree with him) at players who were going to get, at best, £150/week (or was it per game?) feeling the need to hand over a proportion of that to an agent.

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