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Josh Windass - Behind the scenes

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6 minutes ago, olblueties said:

Taking Josh's total League appearances over 2 Divisions since joining, he's featured in 123 games, scored 34 goals and supplied 16 assists. 

50 direct goal involvements in 123 League games is a fair return.

In 6 FA Cup games he's got 4 goals for us.



Overall its 17 assists and 40 goals in 135 games for the club. Hope he sticks around a bit longer.

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9 minutes ago, olblueties said:

I'd give him 2 years with the Club calling the option for a 3rd dependent on him giving us similar and or better stats in the next couple of seasons.

He certainly deserves a new deal and with improved fitness/conditioning in the coming pre season under Danny, we can expect more from him over all as he is still peak years.

I think he'd sign easily with the lure of the potential 3 year deal as he'd be in his 33rd year on its completion.

A fair bit of loyalty be shown be ways.




23 minutes ago, Reesh said:

Overall its 17 assists and 40 goals in 135 games for the club. Hope he sticks around a bit longer.

I hope he does too. He appears to evolved into a reliable team player, who seems to be enjoying his time at S6. As OBT says, lets sign him up 

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Posted (edited)

Enjoyed that.

I was fairly convinced he was going to leave us from what I’d heard on the grapevine because we were potentially going into L1 and he needed financial security but if he gets offered a 2-3 year deal I think he will stay.

I suppose DR needs to weigh up a) how many 30+ year olds does he want in his squad and b) can he get better quality with experience at this level (unlikely).

Theres Bannan, Palmer, Johnson, Icky, Patterson, Vaulks, Smith and Windass that provide the experience but is that too many? You could see 2 or 3 of those going along with James and Gregory. Personally I’d keep Pato for his flexibility, Vaulks for his work rate and Windass because he tends to turn up for the big games. Bannan will stay but maybe he can take some kind of player-coach role.

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On 06/05/2024 at 20:33, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

was swaying towards releasing Josh during his latest injury lay off but after the run in have re-evaluated and would offer a two year deal. 

He'll want a two year deal wherever he goes but does getting two years with us stop the progression of Gassama or Shipston or do we take that potential hit in order to climb the division but be at the same rebuild situation in two years. 

If he'd take one year with an appearance based extension trigger (the same I'd offer to Bannan) then he's on the bus

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