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Red Bull - That company destroyed us


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When I read that my first thought was that they were quite happy to take the money off Red Bull  as some form of sponsorship but not get taken over and have all the colours changed. But it became Red Bull's club so they could do what they wanted. 

Some fans need to read that and realise what could happen in their haste to get Chansiri out of the club. At least he's kept the core colours the same, just revisiting historical kits and badges. 

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1 hour ago, Andyben said:

Look at the proper mad man that took over at Cardiff..

Bluebirds to Red Dragons.

Still, at least he didn't invite a Buddhist Monk to bless the ground 

Yes but that was linked to the Hillsborough disaster as much as luck if I recall correctly 

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Take your pick.


Red Bull Salzburg have become Austria's premier force, winning 14 league championships and nine OFB Cups since 2005. They have helped to develop some of the game's best players including Erling Haaland, Sadio Mane, Marcel Sabitzer and Dayot Upamecano.

On the other side, Austria Salzburg have been up and down the third (where they are now) and fourth divisions and don't have the riches that a major conglomerate can offer them so are always striving merely to make ends meet.

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