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He built from the back...

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22 minutes ago, bricat said:

Moore not starting Berahino in  games for a few weeks after he hit top form was scandalous.

Has to be said it was very odd. Only thing can say in his defence is Moore obviously knows the player well and he didn't exactly pull up any trees when he came on. I know he scored, with his only shit, but keeper has to save it. 

Having said that I thought he worked really hard off the ball, not something I expected of him

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12 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

If we get promoted I can’t see how we can push Moore out. 

If/when we get promoted, someone (e.g. Derby?) might think he fits the bill to get them back to the Championship and we get compensation for him. Then we could look at who might be the best available to take over.

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I’ll maintain that failure to go up this season given the squad and the backing is a failure. But, I will also maintain that if we had a full complement of centre halves, Luongo and Windass fit, we’d be 15 points better off and automatic would be very much on.

What i do like about Moore is that he has a footballing philosophy, since December time, we’ve been a good side to watch despite a couple of blips.

Just on Carlos, his issue was his system rigidity in both seasons. He’s learned since that point, Braga switched between multiple styles. That said, I’m a believer in never going back - so it’s a big no from me. Reports always stated that he wasn’t bothered about the fitness side of the game which is a massive issue in modern football if you choose to ignore or downplay it.

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