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A double edged sword .... for DC

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Something I saw on my social media feed earlier, that 5 clubs in the Championship have filed accounts for last season - a non covid impacted one in terms of fans on seats 

All 5 clubs have posted 8 figure losses 

I think the latest was QPR at £25m or so 

So whilst DC clearly would want us promoted - easier to sell the Club on for one thing - but the prospect of having to stump up £15m extra simply to be remotely competitive in the Championship must be a sobering thought when he looks at his investment portfolio. 

So best get back having tuna for lunch 


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Yeah. It’s wank that without stupid levels of investment (aka someone willing to throw tens of millions in the bin), we’re not going to dine anywhere near the top table in the top division.

I think we can battle for the top of the Championship under DC. He’s been shrewd enough this year since everything almost went to pot. 

But, I suppose the Premier League is reaping what it sowed all those years ago now!

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I was reading an interview with Nigel Pearson at Bristol. The sheer amount of money needed to be competitive at the top end is quite frankly, astonishing. He’s had to reduce his wage bill by something like 80%, and is massively reliant on what is now a very good scouting network and youth set up. And this is just to STAY in the Championship.

If DC needs to invest, it’s got to be in the set-up and fans need to accept that it might be a bit of a struggle for a few years, even in what is a very average second division. It’s all about getting a foothold in the division, and then generating talent that you can either play or sell.

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1 hour ago, Ozzie said:

Pigs I know waint accept it but the Championship is a shite league this season. Lucky barstards

You’ve got one very good side in Burnley. Two good sides in the Pigs and Middlesbrough. And then 24 points separating bottom and 5th. A polite way of putting it, is that it is competitive, but whoever goes up in second and in the playoffs is coming back down unless they spend 150 or so million. The pigs won’t be spending anything in the summer, they simply can’t.

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