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RIP Chris White

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Some of you may know Chris who was the person at the forefront of SODA, the Owls disabled supporters group. 
I’he just been told by a fellow site member, and then seen on Facebook that he passed away in the night after a recent battle with cancer.

Chris is a great bloke, I had the pleasure of being introduced to him around ten years ago and I’ve been in touch with him ever since.

He could always been seen at games with his family, home and away, did so much for so many people. A selfless bloke who truly is someone I was proud to be a friend of.

Rest in peace Chris, fly high buddy.


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Just thinking back at something daft that happened with Chris. He loved to take the piss, and away at Birmingham, the night when it absolutely thrashed it down with rain and we won late on iirc..

I was in the home end, had some tickets given to me after I’d done some work for them… we scored our first goal, and I was sat to the right of our fans…Chris clocked me in there; and as the second goal went in he looked directly at me, knowing full well I couldn’t celebrate and started giving it the v’s at me…. 🤣🤣🤣 

I couldn’t help but smile.


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