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England Test Cricket


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England carried on where they left off in Rawalpindi this morning. 

Harry Brook was the first Englishman to hit six 4s in an over  in Test cricket yesterday. This morning he broke his own record with 6-4-4-4-4-3. Just hit one straight down deep square leg’s throat the ball after bringing up his 150. 

Cracking effort all round after a difficult lead up to the match. 

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2 hours ago, owl4ever1867 said:

I watched the last 30-45 minutes in the hope that we got the last wicket & we finally did through Leech, what a fantastic test match that was, kudos to both teams.

Kudos to both teams? I thought they were very negative 

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1 hour ago, owl71 said:

Brilliant win that.  Had the morning off so managed to watch quite a bit.  Loved the bowling plans on an absolute road of a pitch.  

Seeing almost all bar the bowler round the bat in close catching positions was some sight. 

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Day 4.

England have won by 8 wickets after successfully chasing down 167 to win.

England finished on 170/2

A 3-0 test series win in Pakistan - very impressive.

Next up....

3 one day internationals games against South Africa, followed by 3 games in the "Test Series" 2 games vs New Zealand & 1 against Ireland.

Then comes to biggest games in all of Test Cricket - "The Ashes" starting in June.

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7 hours ago, Reesh said:

10 wins from 11 under Stokes, inside 3 days.


Scoring at 5 plus an over. Ridiculous 

Astonishing record. So many heavy hitters available, beyond the ones who are playing now. A few bowling options too now, although would be nice to find a top spinner.

On another note, how good is Jimmy Anderson at 40? It’s unheard of to have a swing bowler doing what he’s doing at 40 years old. Same applies to Broad too. I like how Stokes picks them, he doesn’t have to pick them both in a test side, but he will try and involve one. I don’t think there is a better bowler on the planet than Anderson at locking an end down.

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Youngest woke up just before 3, I saw we were 8 down needing 9 runs so put the cricket on. 

How the umpire didn’t give a wide on the penultimate ball I don’t know. Bottles it. Not the best video or picture but you can make it out between the two


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