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Gareth Platt

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Apologies for the shameless plug but I've just written a book on Wednesday's glory years and thought you fine folk would be interested.


It's called When A Giant Stirred and covers the period from Jack Charlton's arrival to the Wembley team of 1992-93. Interviewees include:


- Mick Lyons

- David Hirst

- Carlton Palmer

- Mel Sterland

- Chris Turner

- Roland Nilsson

- John Harkes

- Andy McCulloch

- Gary Bannister

- Tony Cunningham

- Phil King

- John Pearson


The book weaves through the highs and lows of the period - the promotions, the relegation, the cup runs and of course the League Cup final of 1991, which is analysed in detail. Along the way it takes you inside the Wednesday dressing room, revealing the bust-ups, the p*ss-ups, the madcap dressing room banter and the secrets of the team's successes.


The players have provided loads of great stories. They include:


- The time when Mick Lyons terrorised Sheffield in a caveman outfit

- The bizarre training methods of Tony Toms

- Howard Wilkinsons' Crufts-inspired dressing room speeches

- Ron Atkinson's 'bonding' rituals before the League Cup final

- The favourite wind-up routines of Hirst, Sterland et al.


If you want to hark back to happier times or fancy getting the Wednesdayite in your life a little Easter present, you can find the book on Amazon here or go straight to the publisher where you get a discount of 20% with the code 'Platt20'.


And of course, feel free to ask me anything regarding the book! Happy to tell.



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Now you've plugged the book feel free to stick around and contribute to the premier Wednesday forum.

Your next book could be the fans perspective of the same era. There's definitely enough posters on here who's memories of that time would fill volumes. 

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