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Wednesday v Cheltenham match thread


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10 minutes ago, HarrySpeakup said:

It has always been different rules for "fouls" in the penalty area

Do you think they would give penalties for the innocuous tiny little pushes and touches that they give without a thought in the middle of the pitch?

They should just admit to everyone that there are totally different criteria for a foul to be given in the penaltly area



I read an article a few years ago that was advocating that not every foul in the penalty area should be a penalty.

The logic was that offences like the Palmer one don’t really merit a 75% chance of a goal, whereas someone brought down as they are bearing down on goal does.

The argument was that for the Palmer type foul it would just be a direct free kick.

In theory it makes some sense, but could you imagine all the controversy bringing in another subjective decision for the refs to make?

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